Enterprise Management Programme

Cutting-Edge Management Models and Execution Frameworks for New World Leaders.

Unit 1
Complex Management:

Unique Management concept focusing on group problem solving using the systems thinking method in order to convert companies into learning organizations. Working disciplines represent approaches (theories and methods) for developing three core learning capabilities: fostering aspiration, developing reflective conversation, and understanding complexity.

Unit 2
Jobs Management:

How Steve Jobs managed and motivated his people at Apple and what every manager can learn from Jobs about motivating people to do the best work of their lives. The program includes interviews from key people at Apple who have been overseeing all corporate operations and business planning, as well as software development and HR.

Unit 3
Bringback Management:

How leaders achieve historic business achievements, bringing business back from the brink of insolvency to lead the industry once again. Insights into management and leadership ranging from strategy to public relations, from finance to organization, the program reveals the lessons of a lifetime running highly successful companies.

  • Duration: 3 Days (12 Hours)

  • Instructor: Official 

  • Day 1 :Complex Management

  • Day 2 :Jobs Management

  • Day 3:Bringback Management


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